Why Small Town?

The city limit sign of my hometown read: "Elmo, pop. 199.” When I graduated from college and moved to the city, I feared people there would think me ignorant and unsophisticated. Over the years, however, I came to appreciate that growing up in Elmo had provided me with unique experiences that profoundly shaped and distinguished me as an individual.

Clients, too, are often unaware of their distinguishing characteristics. They may take them for granted, be convinced they don’t have any, or, like me, be embarrassed by them. Consequently, they look externally for their identity, wanting to mimic another they admire or one they’ve seen be successful. We work with our clients through a thoughtful shared examination of both their history and their aspirations to uncover what it is that makes them unique, and we then translate that distinction into a brand that embodies and transmits its essence as efficiently and authentically as possible.

Unlike mimicry, a deep understanding of one’s own brand contributes sustained qualitative and quantitative benefits to the well being of an enterprise. We love to do this work and would love to help you find the truest expression of your brand – your own Small Town.

Thank you for your interest.

Best, Randy

Randy Twaddle, Small Town Principal and Creative Director

Randy Twaddle, Small Town Principal and Creative Director