Shortly after the Menil brought me down from New York to create and run the museum’s press office, it was my good fortune to meet Randy. The Menil is not an altogether easy thing to get; in that regard it’s not unlike its home city. The quickest of studies, Randy gets it. Having access to Randy’s right brain and his business sense, I was able to convey the Menil’s appeal to broader and more diverse audiences. On the creative side, his talents are dazzling - not for show but in sincere service to a client’s goals.
— Vance Muse, Communications Director, The Menil Collection, 1999-2015

I absolutely loved collaborating with Randy in my role as director of communications for a Houston philanthropy. He was able to help us work through a tremendous amount of information to arrive at the heart of our message, and he did so with grace, patience and humor. Randy brings a discerning eye and deep love for Houston to his work – which translate into products that convey strong, compelling messages about organizations and their role in our community. 
— Jennifer Hines

I’ve been lucky to work with Randy Twaddle for more than 15 years.  At Zilkha Renewable and then Horizon Wind, we’d dispatch Randy out to the windy areas where we were developing projects.  Randy would interview locals, research the local history, pick up the local zeitgeist, and inevitably come to us with names and identities for our wind projects that were at once evocative, poetic, and intensely local. Later, Randy also created the branding and identity for the company I founded, Clean Line Energy Partners.  I also have, and love, Randy’s art in both my house and office.  I can’t say enough about him as a professional and as a friend.
— Michael Skelly, CEO Clean Line Energy Partners

Randy has a most uncommon gift: he knows how to really see you. When you work with him, you can expect to feel welcomed, as if onto his front porch; to be met with curiosity and acceptance; and to have your qualities reflected back to you with art, grace, and kindness. I could tell you how beautiful his work is, but you’ve likely seen it already. What you can’t tell from his portfolio is that working with him is just a delight. You’ll gain a better understanding of what you and your business are here to do – and you’ll enjoy the process.
— Lauren Bacon, Co-Founder, Raised Eyebrow Web Studio, author, "The Boss of You"

Randy helped rebrand our firm (Janusz Design) and then helped us launch another design practice (METALAB) where he also provided thoughtful branding and logo design.  The common thread in reflecting on each of these efforts is an unerring sense of fitness, appropriate response, and beautiful efficiency to the work.  

Along the way, Randy imparted a very thoughtful and wise concept that we continue to live by in our practice: answers to most design problems are already there; it is our jobs as creative professionals to simply uncover them, rearrange them, and give them voice.  This is a particularly powerful concept when it comes to marketing and communications.

I cannot recommend highly enough Randy’s wisdom and creative force for projects or companies that are looking for creative impact in telling their stories.
— Joe Meppelink, Principal, Metalab

No matter the size or scope of engagement, Randy becomes a partner when you work with him. From defining and illustrating the identity of our apartment building, the Mirabeau B. at Hyde Park, to naming our community-focused renewable energy company, Local Sun Energy, Randy has helps us authentically communicate our story to the communities we serve across a wide range of platforms - from print and web to solar-powered shipping containers. Randy’s the vibe guy who keeps the wheels on the right track.
— Joey Romano, President, Local Sun Energy

About a year and a half after working with Randy on the rebranding of my design firm, Janusz Design, my husband Joe and I were designing a home addition project for ourselves, and I saw an opportunity to blog about the process from the homeowner’s perspective. Randy and I met over breakfast and discussed my interests in the blog and how it might serve my thoughts on the design process and my role in it. From that meeting, Randy was able to ascertain the nature of what I wanted to accomplish, and he guided me through the naming of the blog, Gravity Suits Me, as well as the graphic components. The finished product was very personal and distinctive. Randy has the innate sense of observation, intuition, and poetry. He has the eye of an artist, which, more often than not, results in a solution that is at once not the most obvious but yet, exactly right.
— Marisa Janusz, Principal, Janusz Design

We hired Randy’s previous firm, ttweak, to refresh the identity of the trust company for which I was CEO. What we were wanting was tricky: a fresh look while retaining the sense of our company’s deep history and tradition. (The company founders had family roots that dated to the founding of Texas.) Randy instinctively understood the need to balance those, in some way, contradictory, requirements and the result was an identity that indeed felt fresh, but one that also honored our history.
— Lee Lahourcade

I first met Randy in 2007 when he came in to my shop asking if I could help him produce a rug design he had in mind for his home. Though I’d never worked with a contemporary artist, I decided we’d give it a try. We loved that first rug so much we decided to create a line of rugs we launched in 2010, and Randy is still designing rugs for us today. Randy is one of the most talented people I know. What makes him so unique is his ability to create something for a commercial purpose that still feels personal. Randy also took a professional interest in our business, and his enthusiastic participation and continued support over the past 10 years has added a great deal of depth to our company.
— Carol Piper, Carol Piper Rugs